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Virtual Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao as Medicine

Cacao allows you to go deeper into your body, out of the head, and into the heart center. It does that in a very gentle and loving way. You get to access bits of the unconscious and bring it to the conscious – get more intuitive, hear the voices within and from the heart. 

Cacao also has amazing health benefits which I’ll share more about in the ceremony. The cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, translates into ‘Food of the Gods’- and has been used as a medicine many centuries ago. 


This ceremony allows you to bring pieces of ancient traditions into your modern life, experience the power of cacao and reconnect to yourself.

The Ritual

The ceremony will be held online, from the comfort of your home.

In your Ceremony Package, you will find everything from your

ceremonial grade cacao to written instructions on how to prepare and book. 


When we get started, I share more about cacao’s history, benefits and purpose

while you are slowly enjoying your cacao drink.


Dive into a 45-minute Love Shower Meditation.

How does it Work

Learn about Cacao as Medicine

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Love-Shower: The Meditation Journey

Depending on the time of the year and feeling for the circle, I offer a meditation with different focus.

While the topic changes slightly, the framework remains the same. A very embodiment-focused, heart-expanding meditation, also called a Love - Shower.

My Journey With Cacao

I've been meditating regularly for 8 years now and absolutely LOVE the inner journey and experiences that are created by going inside. My dad is a Buddhist and I got introduced to Shamanic work by my mother when I was 15. I have continued to explore my personal practice since.  

When I found cacao as my full focus for work, I was also curious about its healing properties.

Last year I had the opportunity to host my first cacao ceremony. I realized pretty quickly that this had to be part of my life and sharings - Combining everything from my own love for personal development with my knowledge and experience from my parents as guides & teachers with my absolute love and passion for cacao. 

It simply is the best personal cocktail of love & happiness that I can imagine. 

 This is what I want to share & experience that with you.