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Our Story

About Mara

I am a chocolate lover and health enthusiast. I believe in nurturing my body with the best I can find because I want to turn 100 healthy years old.

I'm so captivated by the advancements of the world that I can't wait to see what all of us will create in the next 70+ years! With a fairly traded, organic, and plant-based product, I hope that The Good Chocolatier can contribute to a sustainable future where quality is key.

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About Laura

Laura is a business partner at The Good Chocolatier. As a keen advocate of social enterprises, when she met Mara, she immediately clicked and aligned with the mission of the company, especially through her desire to create more inclusive employment opportunities in our local communities. She is currently completing a PhD in Industrial Relations at the University of Toronto.

Full potential, meaningful Lives

In Partnership with PASS Adult Service Society

The PASS Social Enterprise (formerly PALS) started in 2018 and has been flourishing since. It operates out of the PASS Adult Service Society in Vancouver, BC, and from our office at 312 Main, a centre for social and economic innovation

Our Social Enterprise started in order to overcome a number of the workplace barriers experienced by adults who possess a variety of skills, but for various reasons, cannot go out to conventional job placement. 

In order for many neurodiverse adults to shine in their strengths and show their full potential, some workplace flexibility and adjustment are required. With our commitment to providing work they love and excel at through our ongoing partnership with PASS, our social enterprise creates an impact beyond a lovely chocolate taste.

"In June 2018, PASS began packaging The Good Chocolatier's Cacao Bars on a weekly basis. This was a monumental step not only for PASS Enterprise but for the students as well as some of them had never been paid for their work before. Our partnership with TGC has flourished with new students on payroll every year. These students feel more confident and learn a variety of new skills previously not in their repertoire."

-Nikki Fung, Social Enterpise Manager

In August 2022, we started training new adults for all our e-commerce services. This employment involves taking the bus to work, checking orders, and creating bundles and labels for all that is ordered online. Every order you place will be packaged by our superstar employees Philip, Julia, or Gabi.

With the growth of The GOOD Chocolatier, employment for PASS continues to expand.

We often get asked to donate our cacao bars for silent auctions or other good causes, and we occasionally do. We would love to support all causes we believe in, beyond our own, but our mission is clear and has priority. By donating large amounts of our bars, we cannot stay true to our own mission and expand employment opportunities for our partners at PASS.

If you are an organisation for social impact, especially involving adults with autism and other neuro-developmental disabilities, feel free to reach out for a collaboration! We love to strengthen our ties with businesses and organisations that align with our own mission.

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