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*Covid Details below

Chocolate Making 1.0: Classic

In groups of up to ten people, experience the art of chocolate making. We take you on a knowledge-journey from cacao farms and the fermentation process, winnowing, husking, through all that is required for the bean to be processed into chocolate. We’ll answer questions such as:

  • What is the difference between craft chocolate and commercial chocolate?

  • Why does the origin of the beans matter? 

  • What is light roast cacao?

  • How does tempering work and why is it necessary?

Each person gets to sample eight different chocolate flavours on site, including the main three cacao variants Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario. We will focus on 75% dark chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar. From this base, you can choose your own flavour and take home three, custom 45g bars. The workshop is fun and educational and will blow your chocolate mind in many ways!

All chocolate is cane sugar-free, vegan, ethical, soy-free and gluten-free. At the Good Chocolatier, not only are your taste buds happy, but you will feel satisfied and nourished after every bite.

Price: $110/person

Chocolate Making 2.0: Truffles

This workshop is brand new! While Truffles are much easier to replicate at home, we highly suggest to take our Classic workshop first, to get a basic understanding of cacao and chocolate. We will go into depth of chocolate + liquids, different Truffle base recipes and thicknesses, and hands-on Truffle decorations such as rolling, dipping, and mini-decorations. The workshop can host up to 10 people.

Price: $100/person

Private Workshop

Experience chocolate making for your special private party. 

We host a variety of groups, including corporate events, teambuilding workshops, bachelorettes or simply your group of friends & foodies. 

The workshop is similar to our Chocolate-making 1.0: Classic workshop, except you get to choose your own day and time, chocolate base and favourite flavours on top of our usual 20+ ingredients. This workshop takes 2.5 hours and fits up to 10 adults.

Price: $900

Kid's Birthday Chocolate Making Workshop

Celebrate your child's birthday with an unforgettable chocolate-making experience!

Gather your little ones and their friends for a delightful and entertaining event tailored for kids aged 9-15. Our private chocolate-making workshop offers a unique opportunity for up to 10 children to explore their creativity and indulge in their sweet tooth. From lollipops and strange drops to amusing chocolate flavours, the possibilities are endless with our 20+ provided ingredients.

Customize the day to make it extra special by bringing a birthday cake or integrating a fun game into the celebration. Book this exciting experience for your child's birthday, and let the chocolate-making memories begin!

Price: $800

Covid-19 Protocol

Please be cautious so we can all make it safe for everyone together. Unfortunately, you cannot attend if you:

  1. Have symptoms of COVID-19
  2. Have been told to isolate by Public Health