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In-Person Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is Heart Medicine

Do you ever feel like you get stuck in your head, and the same thoughts keep running in loops or spirals like they are taking over, beyond your control?

Cacao is known as a heart opener - it allows you to get out of your head, and drop deeply into your heart centre. This heart medicine opens a powerful portal to your intuition or inner knowing, and reconnects you with your body. Done in a ceremony setting with experienced spiritual guidance, the cacao journey can be very revealing and transformational.

Cacao literally translates into “Food of the Gods” because this plant medicine has powerful healing properties. It helps you hear the voices within to start the healing process of your heart.

Hi, I'm Mara

I've been meditating regularly for 8 years now and absolutely LOVE the inner journey and the experiences that have been felt by going inside. My dad is a Buddhist, and I was introduced to Shamanic work by my mother when I was 15. With my curious nature, I’ve continued to explore spirituality and have adopted various practices over the years.

In my first cacao ceremony in 2020, I discovered its powerful healing properties and decided right then and there, to dedicate myself and my life to sharing it.

It rapidly became my full focus for work, and I combined with it my love for personal development, the knowledge and experience from my parents as guides and teachers, and my absolute respect for cacao.

It simply is the best personal cocktail of love, happiness and healing that I could have ever imagined.

If you’re ready to dive deep into transformation, join me together on this cacao journey.

Happy Cacao Ceremony Participants

I have had the opportunity to attend one of Mara’s Cacao ceremonies. The experience I had is beyond words and the calmness I found from the ceremony continues to be a part of me today. I highly recommend this to everyone to find some peace and clarity with whatever may need some healing.

Tanya T.

I really loved it!! It really blew my mind the way Mara guided us and how all the people that participated connected and shared a little part of themselves in the healing process. It is a great experience and I would suggest to give it a try, what isn’t more cool than meditation plus the benefits of cacao for our body and mind?

Sonia H.

An experience for all levels guided by Mara with lots of dedication and love. I felttaken care of from thebeginning. From supplying the cacao to instruction on how to prep it, right to the unique ceremony. I just wanted more and to go even deeper into the spiritual experience.

Elke S.

The Ceremony

You will have the opportunity to bring any object you’d like that symbolizes your intention for the ceremony. Once settled into the sacred space, we will check in with our bodies, share our intentions, and place our object onto the altar to activate its power. 

We will prepare our cacao together in ceremony and awaken our senses. While you are in deep presence with your cup of cacao, I will share cacao stories, its transformational and healing properties, and the many ways you can incorporate it into your daily life.

We then start diving in… into your body, your heart, out to the world, and back, deeper and deeper within you.

The experience will be completed with gratitude and the space will be opened quiet time to journal or to share your experience and wisdom with others.

Lastly, the closing circle will take place, ending off with deep gratitude and an opened heart.

How does it Work

Learn about Cacao as Medicine

Feel into the experience and what you wish to get out of this

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Ask your friend, partner, or co-worker to join you

Attend on time, ready to dive in!