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1 x Ceremony Cacao 100% 1lb

1 x Handmade Ceremony Mug

1 x Palo Santo

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Welcome to the world of cacao ceremony. This is a space where you can connect with your heart, connect with others, and connect with the earth from a deeper place within you. Our Cacao Ceremony Bundle sets you up to practice with love and intention.

Included in this bundle are a handmade mug, Peruvian ceremony cacao, and all the information you need on preparation. The mug is made by a local potter specifically for your cacao ritual. Each cup has slightly different shading and uniquely engraved cacao beans to make your ritual special.

The cacao beans are sourced from Peru and are of the highest quality. Using these beans, you are connecting with a centuries-old tradition that Indigenous people have used for rebalancing energies in the body, inner awakening, and healing. Unlike other common shamanic journeys, cacao does not get you “high” or give you a psychedelic experience. Instead, it is used as a “heart-opener” that brings about euphoric states, emotional releases, and increased levels of presence.

We believe that everyone should have access to this ancient tradition, as long as the spirit of cacao is honoured and kept alive.

Learn more about the physical and spiritual effects of cacao, our Peruvian ceremonial cacao or attend your first ceremony with us for guidance. You can also follow this self-ritual guide if you are experienced in ceremony.

So start your day with intention and lead from your heart. The Cacao Ritual Bundle is everything you need to make your daily ritual special.


Flavour Notes

Balanced, soft, with hints of grapefruit, almond, and currant.




Antioxidant-rich, high in iron and magnesium, natural mood-booster. Fantastic flavour, easy to melt and low acidity. Good for your spirit, heart and mind 🥰.


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