What’s included? 


2 x London Fog White Hot Chocolate Coin, Vegan

2 x Salted Caramel Milk Hot Chocolate Coin

2 x Classic Dark Hot Chocolate Coin, Vegan


1 x Locally pottered Cacao Mug


Available on backorder


Enjoy your cozy hot chocolate from your new favorite mug! This artisan hot chocolate is the full package: thick, creamy, flavourful, and incredibly satisfying.

Each hot chocolate coin is ready-to-melt for ease of use.

What is different about our hot chocolate? It is made from pure, single-origin Ecuadorian Criollo cacao – without extracting the valuable and nutritious cacao butter from it, as you find in most commercial hot chocolates. The butter is also called the ‘gold of the cacao bean’ as its most valuable and is often replaced with cheaper palm oils instead. Not with our hot chocolate! We promise this is the full package & flavour.

All without cane sugar, soy, gluten, or other additives. This package will take your hot chocolate experience to the next level and leave you on chocolate-cloud 9 for hours – without the sugar crash!




Antioxidant-rich, high in iron and magnesium, natural mood-booster. Fantastic flavour, easy to melt and low acidity. Good for your spirit, heart and mind 🥰.


Weight 1 kg

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