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How to Have an At-Home Cacao Ritual

Mara Mennicken

After you’ve read our ‘About Cacao Ceremonies’ blog post and attended one of in person cacao ceremonies or a similar guided Cacao Ceremony, use the following structure to enjoy a moment of heart-healing, insight and self-care from your home.

Guide to a self-ceremony:


  • Your intention: One week or a few days before your ceremony, start thinking about your intention: Your reason for holding this ceremony. Perhaps there is something you want to release, tap into, need energetic support with,  find clarity or simply dive deeper into the longings of your heart.
  • Write it out – no matter how simple or extensive.
  • Bring an object. Something that symbolizes your intention. Maybe it is something you have at home; an object, stone, piece of art or jewelry. If you don’t have something meaningful for this purpose, the best thing is to go on a nature walk and find something outside.
  • Set up your altar: Place your journal or piece of paper with your intention, your cacao and your object on your altar until the day of the ceremony. If you meditate or pass by your altar, try to remind yourself of what you wrote down to deepen your intention.
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Day of the Ceremony:

  • Eating: Try to avoid eating anything heavy or drinking caffeine 2-3 hours before the ceremony begins to not cause interference with cacao medicine.
  • Time of the day: The best way is to start your day with this ceremony when your body and mind are still clear and recovered from the night.
  • Music: Put together a playlist of some of your favourite music that takes you inward to a meditative state. If you don’t have one available, feel free to use mine:

(make sure to turn off shuffle mode to play the songs in their intended order.

  • Set up your sacred space – think calm and cozy. Make a pillow fort, grab a blanket, diffuse essential oils, and light some candles in the room of your altar.
  • Cleansing: Do a cleansing practice for your body before you begin. This can be through visualization; imagine clearing your body from top to bottom and releasing any density from your day. Or light a bundle of sage, Palo Santo or incent and wave the smoke around your energetic field.
  • Preparing your cacao: Use our preparation guide on our cacao ceremony package to prepare a creamy & wholesome, clean cup of cacao. As you stir and whisk up your cacao, connect with your intention.
  • Appreciation: Take a moment to give thanks for the cacao before you take the first sip. Try to be fully present while you drink it. What does it smell like? What does it taste like? Enjoy every last drop with all of your senses.
  • Connect with the cacao: While smelling and taking in your cacao, connect with the cacao spirit, its history and impact, and wish for your voices to be heard and shifted in unity with your cacao.
  • Inner journey: Drop into a meditative state. Use this time to allow the effects of the cacao to start working with your body. Use at least 45 minutes to drop in and feel it all. Maybe you have a favourite meditation, or you just want to be guided by cacao and your elevated mental state.
  • Journal it: Have a pen and paper or your journal ready for after your mediation. Alternatively, use colours or the creative expression of your choice to do this small exercise. Write down what you felt and how this experience can move you forward in life. Allow your stream of consciousness to flow if you feel like you have more to express. This can be a safe space to process unresolved feelings and/or get into a creative state.
  • Ask your heart what does it want to say? Is there more?
  • Flow: You may feel called to sing, dance, or engage in a practice like breathwork. Use this as an opportunity to release all judgments towards what your body is asking for and listen to your internal guide.
  • To close your ceremony, give thanks once again and bring awareness to how your overall state of being has changed from when you began. Lay down in shavasana or sit to drop deep and close your ceremony with the same amount of presence and intention as you started with
  • What now? If your topic has been an ongoing theme in your life, you may want to consider making this a weekly practice until your notice a change.
  • Integration: The best and hardest part of the ceremony is the integration of your takeaways. Make sure to re-read what you journaled about as many times as you need to internalize your insights and commit to do at least 1 thing differently as a result of your ceremony.
  • Email me! There is no better accountability than sharing it with someone else. I would be honoured to hear about your journey.

Thank you for respecting the spirit of cacao and using it as medicine. I hope this format works for you. If you ever want to join our ceremony, you can check available dates here.



About the Author Mara Mennicken

I am a chocolate lover and health enthusiast. I believe in nurturing my body with the best I can find because I want to turn 100 healthy years old.

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