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Holiday Bonbons (14 x 15g)



Maple Crunch Pecan 75%, Cranberry Orange 75%, Peppermint 90%, Gluehwein 75%, Rum & Raisin 53%, Soothing Cinnamon 53%, Cardamom Latte 60%.


Fine chocolate. Handcrafted with premium, organic & fair trade ingredients. Loaded with many more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibre than your usual chocolate. Good for heart and mind.

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Our Holiday bonbons are handcrafted, ethical, and heavenly pleasing. Our flavour range offers a Holiday Bonbon favourite for every chocoholic – from Cranberry Orange to Rum & Raisin and Cardamom Latte. Savour away with great Holiday music in the background and a hot, soothing beverage to feel the relaxation at the end of the year you deserve. Perfect for gifting with a note of your choice.




Ever craving a piece of GOOD chocolate? Like actually just a piece. And then the next one, perhaps. But a different flavour.

This is exactly for you. It’s the days on which you prefer variety over quantity and just feel a little more explorative. These seasonal delights are best enjoyed any time of the day and will add just the right amount of excitement, enjoyment, and passion to your day.

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