What’s included? 

Bars & Bonbons

Variety bundle of Seasonals, bestsellers, BC Bars, vegan chocolate, milk chocolate, dark & raw chocolate.

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Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter what kind of chocolate, as long as it’s GOOD. Good ingredients, good flavour, good impact, good deal.

This bag is worth $25 and hides a variety of limited seasonal Bonbon flavours, storefront items and chocolate bars.

All cane sugar-free, ethical, and pure! At the Good Chocolatier, not only are your taste buds happy, but you will feel satisfied and enriched after every bite. Even from our Surprise Bag Seconds, we promise.




Fine chocolate. Handcrafted with premium, organic & fair-trade ingredients. Loaded with many more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber than your usual chocolate. Good for heart and mind 🥰.


Weight 0.220 kg

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