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Seasonal Bonbons (10 x 10g)



Strawberry Coconut Swirl (vegan white), Pistachio & Sea Salt 75% (half raw), Raspberry & Honey 75%, Divine Thyme with Basil and Lime 75%, Mango Macadamia 65%.


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Our Fall flavours are curated with the input of your tastebuds! Last year, we asked you which flavours your liked most – we sent out a survey, then free goodie bags with each of the 13 flavours. After 2 tasting rounds and refinement, here are the 5 winners!

From creamy vegan Strawberry Coconut to partially raw, Pistachio & Sea Salt, we got the right flavour for this special Season. This bag is perfect for a fancy night at home, an employee appreciation party or your own safety stack of ‘treat yourself’ delights!

All cane sugar-free, ethical, and pure! At the Good Chocolatier, not only are your taste buds happy, but you will feel satisfied and enriched after each bonbon.




Fine chocolate. Handcrafted with premium, organic & fair trade ingredients. Loaded with many more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibre than your usual chocolate. Good for heart and mind 🙂


Ever craving a GOOD piece of chocolate? Like actually just a piece. And then the next one, perhaps. But a different flavour.

This is exactly for you. It’s the days on which you prefer variety over quantity and just feel a little more explorative. These seasonal delights are best enjoyed any time of the day and will add just the right amount of excitement, enjoyment, and passion to your day.

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